Community Integration

Integrate & Utilize Divine Skills in your Community/City Development Programs


The United Nations defines community development as “a process where members of a community come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” This process is characterized by a learning process that sees member involvement in problem-solving and decision-making that is geared towards behavioral change through learning-by-doing. To this end, community development has been understood by proponents and operators as work that is done to achieve participatory democracy, equality and social justice, rights, and economic development/opportunity. The overall goal, however, has been to produce decreases in unemployment, homelessness, and domestic violence, as well as increases in stable neighborhoods and cultural development.

One of the approaches employed for accomplishing community development goals is the Faith-based approach. Many faith-based programs minimally focus on equipping believers living within communities with relevant divine skills, needed to keep sickness, sin, and death away from their communities. At the core of issues, sickness can facilitate unemployment, homelessness, and domestic violence, while sin and death can decrease stability in the communities.

Our divine skills development program supports the problem-solving and behavioral change characteristic of community development. Proponents and operators of community development programs and projects will benefit from integrating and utilizing the set of divine skills we offer for keeping their communities safe from sickness, lifestyles influenced by sinfulness and the destructiveness of death. Community members and leaders can sponsor, facilitate, and organize programs that help members

  • receive information and knowledge on how to stay healed and healthy
  • receive learning and acquire skills to minister divine healing/life to other community members
  • set-up and operate divine healing centers under the supervision of believing churches in/around the community
  • set-up and operate training centers that teach divine skills for successful living.

We can start today to support your community development programs and approaches if you want to. Send us an email or call.

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