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Programs for Developing/Improving Your Professional or Corporate Assignment/Purpose

God's Kingdom concept of eternal living, which begins on earth, is expressed in the truth of scripture that stipulates that we must grow in righteousness from faith to faith, and from glory [status] to glory [status] (Rom 1:17, 2Co 3:18 ). When we compare apples to lemons (life in heaven to living on earth) or even apples to apples (spiritual life to heavenly life) we discover that the Creator of Life in heaven and on earth maintains the same kind of operation in both realms. Hence Jesus said to pray thus "Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mat 6:10).

Professional or organizational development is about performing certain individual or corporate activities to ensure continued growth. Such activities are usually intensive and collaborative, and they include continuing education, continuing research for increased knowledge/understanding, improve job/life performance by keeping up with socio-economic/techno-process/skills developments, attending conferences and workshops by professional organizations, performing increased duties/responsibilities, and receiving informal learning opportunities situated in practice.

Our Approach to Helping With Your continued Professional or Organizational Growth 

The mainstream path of Professional development is to learn in order to earn or maintain professional credentials such as academic degrees to formal coursework or professional certifications. Sovereign School is focused on what needs to be done, professionally or organizationally, to keep you growing in your purposeful election as a child of God predestined with a call to ministry. Our approach includes

  • Divine Skill-Based Training: Effective divine skill-based training in discipleship and spiritual-life that allows participants/learners to learn scriptural information or necessary transformative behaviors for living and practicing the virtuous lifestyle of Jesus to maintain a sickless, sinless, and deathless (1Pet 2:24) life and environment at home and at work. Such training increases creative, innovative, and productive abilities.
  • Secular Job or Ministry Assignments: Learning the Kingdom lifestyle by doing the Kingdom lifestyle; by taking on real problems, challenges, and dilemmas and applying scriptural and Kingdom principles to solve them for the benefit of all persons regardless of the faith or religious dispositions. Such training increases clarity of purpose, the homogeneity of thought, and decision-making abilities.
  • Spiritual-Life and Professional Developmental Relationships: Learning through contact and interaction with the Holy Spirit and other people while reflectively assessing self for growth and development, challenging self for improvement, and supporting self, others, and the body of Christ by cheerleading and reinforcement of Kingdom principles for eternal living. Such training increases collaborative and competitive abilities.

Programs for Continued Professional or Corporate Development 

  • Certificate of Discipleship (Online/Ground learning for new/older believers). See a detailed description of all programs here.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Kingdom Business Management (Online/Ground learning in Ministry/Corporate/Government, Strategy, & Project Management, Prosperity Management)
  • Master of Kingdom Business Administration (Online/Ground learning in Ministry/Corporate/Government Leadership, Strategy, Programs & Project Management, Prosperity Management)
  • Organizational Development in
    • Godly Leadership
    • Virtuous Strategy for Productivity
    • Education and Curriculum Development
    • People, Program, and Project Management
    • Health Policies and Diseases Control/Eradication
    • Community Safety and Development
    • Church Planting and Development
    • Wealth Creation and Prosperity Management

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