Church-Officer Development

Divine Faculty Development Program for Church-Officers


Everyone might be elected by grace to salvation and called to ministry (2Pe 1:10, 2Cor 5:18-19), but not everyone is given (appointed and ordained by the Lord God) to the Church as an Officer—teacher, pastor, evangelist, prophet, or apostle (Eph 4:11); to equip the saints/believers with ministering gifts/skill (1Cor 12:8-10), perfecting them with spiritual fruits (Gal 5:22-23) for the work of ministering healing, salvation, and righteousness to reconcile people to God; for building up the body of Christ until every believer attains unity and oneness in the faith and knowledge of the Son of God; to become mature persons and reaching the whole measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:12-13).

Such succinct job description behooves serving and getting-ready-to-serve officers to invest and engage in learning and preparation if they must meet and carry out the terms of God's will and decree for His people. However, teaching remains the most fundamental function of Church-Officers ensuring that appointed/ordained teachers teach the illuminating knowledge of the Glory of God (2Cor 4:6-7). The pastoral function [operating as a general/administration manager] provides shepherding of the flock of God and proper management of people and capital resources to ensure effective church operations and functioning of every organ of the church organization. The evangelist [like a marketing/sales director] is responsible for preaching and bringing converted souls into the church for further development by teachers, pastors, and prophets. The prophetic office keeps all believers' on the Kingdom track by keeping them inspired and informed of the immediate and future plans and purposes of God. And apostles are special messengers [kingdom enthusiasts, project champions, or portfolio directors], who advocate and promote the business of the Kingdom and defends the gospel of Christ as well as the body of believers.

Are you called and appointed/ordained to teach the knowledge of the Glory of God as a Teacher, shepherd His people and manage the church organization as a Pastorpreach and demonstrate power in the gospel of the Kingdom to minister God's healing life and salvation to dying souls as an Evangelist, declare and proclaim the inspired plan and purposes of God as a Prophet, or advocate for the kingdom of God and the Body of Christ as a special messenger and Apostle? Or do you know anyone in your ministry or Church who is called or already ordained for this work? We would love to help you or them:

  • embrace their calling and inspiration as instructors/educators/executors of the will and operations of God,
  • prepare as true ministers of the gospel of the Kingdom of God and officers of the church,
  • develop as disciple-making ministers to teach the LORD they know, minister His LIFE they have, and exercise power in HIS WORD they understand,
  • enhance their divine skills as effective ministers, working together with other church-officers, as representatives of the divine life of Jesus Christ,
  • maintain their ministerial or professional credential through continuous scriptural competency and leadership development.

We can start today if you want to become a certified officer of the church and of the gospel of the Kingdom of God, or if you want to teach and assist with developing disciples for the Kingdom of God and at our divine skills development workshops. Send us an email or call.

Programs For Developing Your Ministry Gift as a Church-Officer

  • Diploma of Disciples & Ministry Development (Online/Ground learning for church/ministry elders). See a detailed description of all programs here.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Disciples & Ministry Development (Online/Ground learning for church/ministry elders)
  • Associate Degree of Ministry/Church Administration (Online/Ground learning for ministry staff)
  • Bachelor of Ministry Administration (Online/Ground learning for  ministry staff & leadership)
  • Bachelor of Church Management (Online/Ground learning for  ministry staff & leadership)
  • Diploma of Church Officer (Online/Ground learning for  church leadership)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Church Officer (Online/Ground learning for church leadership)

To be admitted into our Church-Officer development program, you should have

  • Completed a secondary-school education with a high-school certificate/diploma
  • At least an associate degree or vocational equivalent from an accredited institution with years of work experience
  • An undergraduate or bachelors degree, preferably, or recognized equivalent education from an accredited institution
  • Completed our ‘Disciples' Workshop’ levels 1, 2, 3, & 4 or have received the Diploma of Discipleship & Ministry with evidence or testimonials of ministering divine life to recipients
  • Taken and passed the required admission test/quiz.

If you are ready to begin walking in your calling/appointment/ordination start your application process. 

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