Tuition, Costs & Fees

Scholarship Through Sponsorship and Contributions

Our mission is clear. We will deliver on Our Promise to Be Christlike, to Live God's Eternal Life, and to Reign in Life with Him. We will make disciples who believe, cast out demons, speak in tongues, resist infections, and heal the sick. We will maintain ministers through scriptural competency development. We will manifest sons of God for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. And we will minister divine life to mutually restore people to God, through Christ. To that extent, we WORK for the Kingdom of God, and "Who serves as a soldier [especially of Christ] at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard without eating any of its fruit? Or who tends a flock without getting some of the milk?" (1Co 9:7).

Clearly we value the grace of God that helps us live divinely, to help others do the same; His goodness which enables us to change by mortifying contrary character-sets; His governance that nourishes us in truth to live for righteousness; and His glory that affirms, so to elevate us into sonship for dutiful leadership. The Kingdom will provide for us the resources we need to grant scholarships and receive sponsorships for our students.

Tuition, Registration, Enrollment, and Other Costs

Universal access to education, especially divine education, is more important to the Kingdom of God than its territorial cost (Luk 10:2-9). We offer FREE tuition to all students, through individual, church, and organization's support—received gifts, grants, donations, learners occasional voluntary contributions or offerings, and corporate sponsorship of students or programs or learning development activities.

While tuition remains free, the total cost of learning at SovSchool is mostly personal-preferential living, transportation, technology, books, materials, and related costs. The tuition, fees, and charges posted here are estimates, which are not final as they are subject to change and could be affected by other factors, external to us. Accordingly, every student's final balance may differ from student to student.



Since we depend on grants, gifts, offerings, and donations to fund our operations and scholarship to every disciple, student, or learner it helps if their families, churches or organizations can sponsor them to the extent they can afford. However, the table below provides additional information on costs you may incur while learning at Sovereign School.

Cost Items



(Disciples Workshops)


For the 3-6 days disciples' workshops; for everyone, any church or community spiritual-life development jumpstart program/activity

(Believers Development, Ministerial Training, Career Development)

Contributions, scholarship, or corporate-sponsored

For the individual, family, career, and ministerial ability development; either self-sponsored or sent by specific churches/organizations

(Church-Officer Development)

Contributions, scholarship, or church-sponsored

For teachers, pastors, evangelists, prophets, and apostles from specific churches already practicing or preparing to practice their calling.

(Professional Development)

Learner contributions, Self- or corporate-sponsored

For vocations and professionals in different fields seeking development and investment in Kingdom-Lifestyle, Business, and operations.

Course Material
(Books and Workbooks)

Free / Sponsored

(students purchase supplemental materials if any is recommended)

For the 3-6 days disciples' workshops

(with free books/workbooks published by Vessels Inc./supplied by Vessels Church). 

Course Material

Free / Donation

(students purchase supplemental materials if any is recommended)

For students enrolled in courses

(with free digital books/workbooks published by Vessels Inc./supplied by Vessels Church).

Course Material

$60+ per course

For students admitted into programs and already enrolled in courses

Campus/Online Fee

$120+ per program or per year

For students admitted and enrolled in quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly programs

Sponsored Students Fee 
(for campus/ground classes)

$120+ per quarter with Corporate donations

Contact the Admission office for additional information

Out-of-State Living Cost 
(for campus/ground classes)

Variable per student

Contact the Admission office for advice and options

Out-of-Country Living Cost 
(for campus/ground classes)

Variable per student

Contact the Admission office for advice and options

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