Student Application

Applying For Admission and/or Scholarship

The application for our quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly programs will OFFICIALLY open in January 2021. Deadlines for applications is three months before the start of your program. Exceptions may be made if there is availability in the program you are applying to.


Applicants may apply to only one single certificate program or one concurrent certificate program per admission quarter. Before you apply, explore the certificate, ministerial, career, and professional programs we offer, visit our campus or website to get to know our beliefs and strengths. Consider the personal financial implications, voluntary contributions, and impending virtuous lifestyle changes/aspects from attending our school. You could

  • Check out the programs and application deadlines
  • Possible tuition, costs, and fees
  • Admission requirements and student sponsorship or available scholarships
  • School brochures, Course Catalog, out-of-State or out-of-Country housing

Prepare Your Application Early

Begin preparing your application at least 3 months before you apply. You can apply for admission beginning in the last month of every quarter before you start two quarters from your application submission and acceptance. Then

Online Application Form | Recommendation Letter Form | Application fee/donation

  • Complete your application
  • Take the required tests
  • Submit transcripts/credentials
  • Identify and contact your recommenders/sponsors
  • Apply for available scholarships, if not sponsored
  • Write your personal statement of purpose, faith, and salvation
  • Confirm and satisfy additional program requirements
  • Receive Application decision

Apply Online and Take the Test

Submit your application at least four months before your intended start date. There is an application fee/donation in any amount (above $1.00), that you can afford. Your contribution goes to our students' sovereign scholarship fund'. The application fee is not refundable. If you are a U.S. Citizen or current Permanent Resident, the application fee/donation will be received in US Dollars; for all others, the fee/donation will be the equivalent in your local/national currency, paid via credit or debit card before or after completing the online application.

Prepare to provide complete information about your academic, vocational, and or professional history. You may be asked to provide your CV, resume, or links to your portfolio. You will be asked to upload your transcripts and photo and provide the contact information for your sponsors and or recommenders. During your application, we will send an email to your sponsors/recommenders with the email address you provide, and they will be asked to follow a link to submit their recommendation.

After you submit your application, you will be directed to a test/quiz page to take the required test for the program you are applying for. While you can take the test at least twice within 48 hours, you must score 75% and above to be considered for admission into any of our programs except for the Disciples' Workshops.

Check Your Application Status

After submitting your initial application, the required documents, and passing the required test, you may check the status of the materials we have received or processed, such as tuition and fee waivers, approved sponsorship, scholarships, test scores, letters of recommendation, and admission decision. If you need to make any changes or need to provide additional application materials, please contact the admissions office.

Reviewing Your Application and Test Score

Within one month of receiving your application and test score, the Admissions office will review your submissions and test score and decide on your application, using a combination of factors that includes:

  • academic diplomas/degrees and records
  • vocational and professional development/experience
  • statement of purpose, faith, and salvation
  • letters of recommendation and sponsorship
  • consideration for and/or approval for scholarship
  • test scores
  • your learning and ministerial interests
  • your background and community life experience
  • how well your goals match the program, and
  • your professed lifestyle and relevant work/vocational experience.

Our Admissions staff and Faculty within each department will work to identify and recommend the top applicants while ensuring they comply with the requirements for admission.

Receiving Your Application Decision

At least three months before the start of your program, you will receive your application decision. You will be notified by email. If you have received a scholarship offer, you will be receiving a separate email announcing the details of the award.

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