About Us

A personal/corporate ministry development school of Vessels Inc. USA.
We are a 501(c)3 Public Charity/Religious Non-profit Corporation.
Our Mission

Delivering on our individual Promise to Be Christlike; to Live God's Eternal Life, and to Reign in Life with Him, We...

  • Make disciples who believe, cast out demons, speak in tongues, resist infections, and heal the sick.
  • Maintain ministers through scriptural competency development.
  • Manifest sons of God for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
  • Minister divine life to mutually restore people to God, through Christ.  
Our Values

You can Share these Values with Us

  • The grace of God that helps us live divinely, to help others do the same.
  • The goodness of God which enables us to change by mortifying contrary character-sets.
  • The governance of God that nourishes us in truth to live for righteousness.
  • The glory of God that affirms, so to elevate us into sonship for dutiful leadership.
Our Students

Joyful, Spirit-filled, Faithful believers in Jesus Christ.

  • Are Born-Again and Holy Spirit-filled individuals living the Christlike life.
  • Are called to a Kingdom Lifestyle of Truth, Holiness, Faith, Wisdom, Power, Grace, & Glory.
  • Are Lifelong students of the Gospel of Christ, the Word & World of God.
  • Are taught to grow to minister the Divine Life to up-lift and change their Communities for the better.  
Our Accreditability

Having just started, we'll in time, seek accreditation with

  • The Association for Biblical Higher Education, Commission on Accreditation, USA, and
  • The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission, USA
  • To support our extensive educational approach and rigorous study of scripture for the demonstration of power.
  • To promote our students' transformative engagement, experiential hands-on ministry, and compelling missional vocations.
Our Founder

Dr. Dennis Odiaka, PMP, SMC. Teaching-Minister, Pastor, Professional.

  • Born-again at 12, baptized in the Holy Spirit at 24.
  • Called to a teaching and pastoral ministry by 36.
  • Lifelong student of the Gospel of Christ, the Word and World of God.
  • Minister of Divine Life and Author of books for Kingdom Lifestyle.  

To Reproduce in You, Christ-likeness; Making You a Sustainable Brand of Jesus.


12 Indisputable Facts About You

Becoming a Disciple; Who is in Christ and Him in You, Revealed
You Are In Him

And He Is In You! So You Can Be Him.

You Are A Believer

A True and Well Instructed Christian.

You Are A Healer

A Minister Of Divine Life.

You Are A Savior

A Deliverer and Miracle Worker.

You Are A Prophet

Speaker Of Heavenly Tongues.

You Are A Resister To Harm

A Crusher Of Devils.

You Are A Divine Content

Home Of The Holy Spirit.

You Are A Vessel

Of Spiritual Intelligence.

You Are A Royal Priesthood

Reigning With Him In Life.

You Are A True Worshiper

Walking In Spirit & Truth.

You Are A Child Of God

Born-Again To Mature Into A Son.

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